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Full Version: Music Playlist questions
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Is there already an option in Kodi 15.2 or an addon that does remember or remove played songs from the music playlist?
I would like the songs that are already played not to be played again. If yes, will the playlist be automaticly saved or do I need to that manually?

Also why does it take a long time to load a large playlist before it starts playing. Music is hosted on my local server. Comparing with playing the same musicwith EMby in WMC that goes much faster


I don't think an add-on exists to do this. I would like one too. I think it might be possible if it worked like this:

1. Only works for .m3u playlists (smart playlists are dynamic so this wouldn't work)

2. You would start the add-on when you start playing the playlist (set up skin to do this)

3. The add-on monitors the player, and when a new song starts playing updates the "current position in playlist" as a stored data in the addon_data.

4. When you start playback again, you have the option to start at beginning or resume.

Any way that is my idea, now just need a skilled python developer to give it a try.

scott s.