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Full Version: Phenomenal Skin
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right, I'm using a feature that show you a random fanart from the specific genre, so if you'll stand on "comedy" you'll see a fanart pulled from one of your comedy movies...

maybe in the future i'll add more options to choose from. thx
Showcase View - Animated posters + option to fixed list instead wrap
Widelist view - option to choose colors
Fanart view - add genre and duration to the second line
All views - option to disable fanart picture
Add subtitles info to movie information dialog
Improve widgets engine (loading time improvment)
Addon browser - new look
new look for volume\info dialogs
Align weather to left for LTR users
Please add Clearart view for Tv and Movies thats what missing n this skin
Does this skin support local discart/cdart? I have discart/cdart for all my movies, shows and music. Yet it seems to only create its own discart/cdart from the poster image.

Loving the skin by the way. Thank you.
(2016-05-16, 00:35)beesmyer Wrote: [ -> ]Does this skin support local discart/cdart? I have discart/cdart for all my movies, shows and music. Yet it seems to only create its own discart/cdart from the poster image.

Loving the skin by the way. Thank you.

you need to download "artwork downloader" addon, and then check "use local artwork" in the addon settings, then run it from "programs" menu.
I will search for the artwork you define in the settings (so if you don't want to download a lot of graphics, choose them manually) and save them in your local folders.
it will skip items that already has artwork in the folders (like you said you have).
so after the first scan, all your local discart should be display fine...

Is it possible that during the music playback the "Movies Fanart" is shown instead of the music background image?
Many thanks for the help.

Thanks for the great skin!

One thing I'd love it an option to show more posters / less space between posters on Showcase view. I have a rather large tv so it feels like more posters on screen at once would make for more efficient browsing
Hey Guys,

Really awesome skin. No major issues so far. My only bug bear is on the top bar the weather doesn't load and I have to go in to skin settings and disable and enable the widget. The weather then loads.

So I get the top bar with the time on the left but no weather on the right. Can this be fixed?

Your skin is aptly named "Phenomenal", it is by far my favorite of the many I have tried. The ability to customize is really great. One bit of functionality that I miss from other skins is compatibility with Cinema Experience. Any chance that you might consider adding it some day? Jim
I just love this skin just looks so clean but I have one question, when I group movies in my current view, disc art would roll through. But sometimes they don't my initial fix was to take out one movie from the set and place it back in which would fix it. Expect when there are only 2 movies in the set my "fix" wouldn't fix it. Is there another way to get that to work?
is there any way to set the provider list (when selection a stream) to wide list? its always truncated now that I can't see the end that say SD HD etc
I see forced view option in settings but I don't see the one for provider list

also, widgets work fine, but only show 4 items/icons
any way to increase that number? or even make them bigger?

thanks in advance
Hello, I love this skin. Amazing job! I was able to customize basically everything I wanted for a very unique experience (utilizing smart playlists). Anyways, is there a way to disable the icons at the bottom of the home screen menu (the power/settings/favorites). I include these in my menu & they are redundant. Or is there a way to reduce the size of the "buttons" for the menu items (movies/tv shows/ etc). I use the vertical menu & dont want to have to scroll. I am 1 too many menu items on the home screen which causes me to have to scroll to see the bottom item. So either disabling the icons at the bottom or resizing the height of the "buttons" will fix this for me. I messed with the font xml but that just changed the font size, not the "button" size. thanks!!!
Nevermind, figured it out. Awesome skin
bloodyeyesocket....when you said "figured it out" was that referring to the button height on the vertical menu. I would like to make them narrower as well.

tomer953, I have noticed a couple of bugs:

- when I try to select an actor/actress photo in the movie information screen, I can't. I also can't scroll left-to-right to see the other actors. Finally, and this may just be functionality I can't get to because I can't click on an actor, but doing so in other skins allows you to search the library for movies with that actor.

- when using rotating fanart as a background, the rotation is not completely random. One fanart comes up, three or so follow, and that first fanart appears again...this cycle repeats, and will repeat a number different movies in the same way. In other words, the same fanart may show every five or so times, and other fanart will do the same. In between these instances, the fanart IS random.
By figured it out i meant i figured out how to remove that bottom bar completely allowing for 10 menu items with no scrolling (vertical menu). I hate scrolling in home menu personally so this was a must. I am currently limited by 10 items as, no, i couldnt find out how to make the "buttons" narrower. But removing the bottom gadgets (power/settings/favorites) & editing a spot to move the "button" allowable area from 980 to the full 1080.

for stupid / neurotic reasons (& testing various aspects of the newly discovered profiles settings) i plan on restarting the build from scratch. I am going to take note of the file i need to edit (this time) & what i take out to do this. I will post it once complete so you can do the same if youd like. If in this process i discover how to edit the button sizes (failed last time) i will also let you know.
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