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Full Version: Home Menu onboard items
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after I found out how to use the Custommenuitems (Custom 1, Custom 2 and Custom 3) to display "Kids", "Private" and "others" in home menu,
now im trying to use the other onboard home menu items.

If have now two problems:

1. I dont know how to connect my source "Musicvideos" with the home menu button "Musicvideos".
I thought, it would work like with the home menu button Serien (in german, i thin in english it is called "TV Shows").
I connected to a source called "Serien" and thats it. But not, if I make a source called "Musicvideos" the home menu button "Musicvideos" shows nothing, only two points.

2. I have an source called "Kids" and it is connected via favourites with the first custom 1 and that works.
But the Kids-movies are also dieplayed in "Movies" and i dont want that. Is there any way to except/exclude the source "Kids" in "Movies" ?

I hope you are able to understand my bad english.
In the main homescreen button for Video = Filemode

1) Add new source for musicvideos with Filemode, set scraper to Music Videos and scrape.... when added to your library, the listings will show up under the homescreen MusicVideo button.

2) Just a few of the possibilities, but in general these are the ones commonly preferred for exclusion.

-a Use profiles to make kids source. Profiles (wiki) and second no kids, link to home menu, hide movies button.
-b Use file mode only, make icon for kids and one for all other sources but kids, hide movies button.
-c Use two smart playlists with path rule, link to home page custom menus, hide movies button.
-d Use special node or tags on all files, link to home menu via favourites, hide movies button.
-e Exclude kids source folder from the library, in settings>skin>menu>video>sub menu>folder 1 "Kids" path..
-f Filter by MPAA ratings
Thank you PatK.

I think I will use -b ;-)
That is also what I found out by trying. It is a pity that I can not use the standard Movie Button but it is okay.

Thank you again.
Hello to everybody,

i was trying to send a PN to ronie, the Transparency dev, but i have no permission/rights for that.
Maybe he is reading this post or somedody with rights/permission can ask him one question:

Since I see here and in other forums that a lot of people ask for more than 3 CustommenuItems in Home-Menu and I also needed them,
ich modded xml files in Transparency and have now 6 CustommmenuItems working.

I changed Includes.xml, Includes_Home.xml and SkinSettings.xml.
Edit: I also moved the 6 CustommenuItems right behind Movies and before TV Shows.

I would like to know if he (ronie) would be interested to include this 3 xml-files (this 6 CustommenuItems) in a Transparency-Version 8.0.9a or something like that?
So a lot of people would have that benefit.

Sorry for my bad english.
This issue has come up from time to time, and a search might still bring the code others have posted. You are certainly welcome to post your changes for others. Looking closely at this issue and my suggestion that there is quite a few different ways to skin the 'cat' so-to-speak. One of the best ways for most of us is with the huge sub menu system (I forget the exact count possibilities but it's around 50), and smart playlists. I think Ronie wants to keep the front end as simple and clean as possible.

T! has been known for it's stable and easy to use GUI

I suspect as a 'new' member to the forum with limited posts, there are restrictions to PM