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Full Version: Filmweb scraper
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This is my first "release" of the filmweb (polish movie database side) scraper.

The mainfeatures work, but there are one big problem:
-xbmc don't show the polish chars at allSad

Filmweb - Scraper

cheers smuto

i test this scraper after spiff fix
fixed: various encoding related stuff in scraper code. should fix ofdb.

this fix give me correct writing to database, but strings are not readable in GUI
Revision: 7829
Author: spiff_
Date: 2007-02-13 16:16:50 -0800 (Tue, 13 Feb 2007)

Log Message:
fixed: if scraper says it returns utf8 formatted xml, obey.

you should have a look at the actors. and don't use tag line, use <originaltitle>
- i fix actar tag (whitespaces bug)
- i add <originaltitle> tag

added to svn with some small modifications due to changes to buffer cleanings. also renamed it to filmweb.pl.


Rating tag issue

from scraper 8,73 (comma) are shows as 8.0 (dot) in GUI

one more
"votes" should be localized.

yes, it needs to conform to standard floating point numbers, i.e. use a . and not a ,

localization is added.
i hope this is the last update

@spiff - i want to thank you very much.Big Grin
latest is in svn.
please update the scraper to reflect the <nfourl> changes
i made update, but no time for tests
scraper in this link filmweb.xml
is only for tests to forum users (i need more testers)

last good working one i will always upload to SVN as a patche

oh rite i did commit the last one - will stick to the sf ones from now on
Hi! (siema)
I have many movies and many nfo files associated with them with urls to imdb and filmweb entries inside. Filmweb scraper works well olny for urls starting with http://www.filmweb.pl/Film,id...
Doesn't work for urls like http://frantic.filmweb.pl/ and I have them plenty...
Please update the regexp, probably the matching one in NfoUrl so that filmweb url would be correctly recognized in the nfo...
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