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Full Version: symbol issue with openssl and custom pvr plugin
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I am trying to add openssl aes encryption to my custom pvr addon and i can get it to compile no problem with a little file copy magic in the build system. However when i try to launch the pvr addon it is unable to load due to missing symbol for part of the openssl stuff.
In the error logs i get: reason: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new" referenced by my addon.

I found in the tools/android/packaging, there is a make_symbols script, and I have copied the libcrypt.so from within the tools/depends/target/openssl folder to the /opt/xbmc-depends/arm.../lib folder, and i have added libcrypt.so to the Makefile in tools/android/packaging, i have verified that the symbols do in fact get made, and that they are included in the Kodi.symbols...tar.gz file that gets build from the symbols folder. I can not however see where this file gets included into the apk or how it is referenced after that.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, i must admit that i am not really familiar with the cmake system, so its kind of a pain to track it any further.

The symbols you are looking at for android, are kodis debug symbols. They are stripped off the kodi binary to enable devs to symbolize stack traces.
You cannot simply add something there an expect it to have any noticeable effect.

without any code, its hard to tell what you are trying to do, but essentially you want kodis openssl lib(the one built in depends) to have your EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new function.