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Full Version: TV Guide Addons Help
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Hello All,

I have been experimenting with 3 or 4 different TV Guide Program Addons. I love then all, the problem is that after reading various posts and readme files I still cannot figure how to make my own channel lists or determine which addons the guides can utilize.

I have various addons that provide me channels as well as IPTV funtionality. I have access to tons of working channels and this is awesome. I need to configure at least one of the guides to display a custom channel list of my choosing and use / access the various addons I have installed. At present I can see only channel list and addons provided by the guides.

So can someone tell me or directly me to resources that will allow me to make my own channel list that includes that channels I want to view in my guide and also how to tell the guide to include or access various addons that provide these channels. So for instance I want to open my TV guide and have it display for example:
My Fav Channel 1
My Fav Channel 2
My Fav Channel 3
My Fav Channel 4
My Fav Channel 5
....and so on

The list provided to me by the guide install does not contain all of the channels I want to see listed or the others I have access to from other non recognized addons. For some reason no guides will see ALL of my addons, for example Guide 1 only sees the addon X. Guide 2 only sees addon Y & Z and Guide 3 sees X, Z, & A. How can I make one guide see all addons on my system not only limited selections it offers by default.

I have this makes sense. Any guidance will be appreciated.

Give PseudoTV Live a try?
(2015-11-19, 22:55)Lunatixz Wrote: [ -> ]Give PseudoTV Live a try?

Thanks will do and thanks for the reply!!! Appreciate that!