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Full Version: Main volume control
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Hello all.

Kodi is not the only program running in my HTPC. It's a W7-64 on an i3 with 4gb ram and 4tb storage, a Logitech x540 surround system and a generic media center remote.

When using Kodi, its volume is maxed and I control the main volume of the computer through the buttons in the remote, because otherwise I'd have to keep it at its max and other programs would blast me away whenever I run them.

My problem is: Kore controls the volume of Kodi itself, not the computer. So I can lower the volume, but not raise it if I'm in a different room.

Is there a way to make Kore control the main volume?

Thank you
Kore can only control Kodi's volume, not your main volume. Maybe there's a way to have Kodi's volume be the same as your main volume, but i'm not aware of one.