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Full Version: Shuffle Music / Party Mode
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Ok joined today just to ask this question all help is MOST APPRECIATED

I have been using XBMC / Kodi for years yet always feel like a noob. Got my Skin, Black Glass Nova, all set up with custom this custom that. Loving it EXCEPT i have been struggling for days searching looking for a way to play my entire music collection on shuffle / random. Right now all i can find is to random songs in a folder. My music collection is in sub folders within the main folder (Music .... many folders by artist within the main)

In my old XBMC version there was a sub menu for SONGS, this played every song in my entire music collection. I don't see that feature anywhere. I hope I am wrong or perhaps there is an easy custom action i can enter?

Through research I have read about Party Mode. I added the add-on but it closes stating "aborted no songs in library" How do i add songs / collection to library?

If there any suggestions it is truly appreciated. I use Kodi for everything, we don't even have cable. I would really love to have this available for the family as we often have our music running in background

Thank you in advance