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Full Version: Easy Volume control
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Hello !
First of all, thanks a lot for the great job made on Kodi+Kore !

I use kodi to listen to my music (mainly), and Kore to control it by tablet. Volume control function does exist, but I am wondering if it could be improved :
- Why volume control isn't integrated is "remote control" screen also (It can be strange, but at the beginning it was not so easy for me to find it in "on going" screen => Why not integrate volume control to "remote control" screen as well ?
- Would it be possible to have the information of the level of volume, dispalyed on Kore ? (like percentage or slide bar) ? In order to know if it's at max / min / average capacity
- The value of volume control is not saved when Kore application is closed (at least 2 weeks ago when I tested). Would it be possible to save it (in order not to start music to MAX volume )

Thanks a lot once again for your great work !
You can also use the volume keys to control the volume.