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Full Version: TheSportsDB.com (Open Sports Metadata, Artwork and Scores)
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Some really nice new artwork for things like Indycar, MotoGP, Rallycross, Formula E, NASCAR etc recently

Just some examples, full artwork can be found under the links:

Gran Premio Italia Oakley

Grand Prix of Qatar

Gran Premio Motul de la República Argentina
I've just posted some banners for a few different boxers. Anyone is more than welcome to add them to the sportsdb if they can figure how and where.

over here...

332997 (thread)
Wow that's awesome! If only we supported banners for individuals hehe.
Yeh. I can't bear all my fights just lumped by year, irritates me. Can't think of a clean way to do it using the scraper setup, so just use filenaming and tinymediamanager to create the nfo's. How does everyone else do fights?
OK I gave in and added the banner feature for individual people Wink

(2018-06-21, 11:10)chrisvilla Wrote: [ -> ]Yeh. I can't bear all my fights just lumped by year, irritates me. Can't think of a clean way to do it using the scraper setup, so just use filenaming and tinymediamanager to create the nfo's. How does everyone else do fights?
 I am hoping @enen92 will update his Python TheSportsDB module at some point. 

Then I can start writing a Kodi Add-on based on the module which will allow a user to browse through the sports categories/leagues/events/players just like on TheSportsDB website and select a file to play based on the strFileName property on the website. The idea would be the user just sets a base location folder for all their sports event recordings and the Add-on does the rest. Files would just need to be named something like Boxing.2017.10.14.George.Groves.vs.Jamie.Cox.720p.HDTV.x264.mkv so basically following existing conventions.

EDIT: to elaborate, I plan something like this working out of the box

Looks good!
Some great new NASCAR artwork uploaded, its a massive effort due to the number of events each year but they look great and should be able to be re-used in the future seasons!

Image Image Image Image Image Image

FIFA World Cup is coming to its end, but we're currently working on adding to the site the relative arts for the last ones:


Updated the promoted teams for next season including artwork, details and player thumbs.



Cardiff City

The premier League is complete and back to all green ticks again Smile
- New improved main page
- Champions League/Europa League finally supported!
- As well as the top European domestic competitions from France, Italy, Spain and England!
- Updated TV channel logos

Champions League: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4480
Europa League: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4481

FA Cup: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4482
Copa Del Rey: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4483
Coupe de France: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4484
DFK-Portal: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4485

Please sign up and help to fill out details. We have had many requests in the past to add this so not is the time to help out as it takes a lot of work Smile

Already some great artwork coming in!

Awesome stuff! Teasing me to update the matchcenter addon?
(2018-08-21, 19:56)enen92 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome stuff! Teasing me to update the matchcenter addon?
 Always haha! Did you see we filled out the entire Portuguese league with all players too..? Not easy in a country that likes to use players first names only lol


Of course having a nice Kodi Add-on, only encourages more users to sign-up and add data Smile

I also forgot to mention I added more specific player positions like "Right Back" , "Center Back" and "Left Back". I'm pretty sure that was one of your feature requests years ago.
Thanks to all contributors we passed...

100,000 edits!!

Crazy to think the work put in by people, but the database is really filling out nicely now.

A few updates for this week, which is the last I will be working full time on it as my holidays are nearly at an end Smile Still a bit of time to get any feature requests in.

- Fixed the lookuptable.php APi method that was erroring out on NULL values at the start of the season
- Site is now fully responsive I hope
- Bigger posters and logos on mobile devices
- All soccer imports working again
- Better quality Fanart thumbnails
- All images should look good on dark and light backgrounds now
- More player positions

- Motorsport content has been hugely improved with artwork for virtually every event now (thx @smudgie) Example https://www.thesportsdb.com/event/574080
- Soccer teams have been massively updated 100% Full content including players and images for English Premiership, La Liga, Portuese and World Cup (thx @Ovokx ) Example https://www.thesportsdb.com/team/134701

- Fixed HTTPS issues and moved to TLS encryption
- All WWE events and wrestlers updated with artwork (thx @curswine) Example: https://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4444
- Cycling events updated (thx @
- Many Live TV Event listings added (thx @Ovokx again)
Glad to contribute to the site and see how it's becoming bigger and bigger. Let's keep rockin'! Big Grin
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