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Full Version: Possible problem with kodi.wiki
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I mean that http://kodi.wiki/view/Category:Jarvis_add-on_repository wont list all the addons. Only 91 addons are listed - these which names starts with A and B. The last one is the Bulgarian language.

More addons should be available right?
hmm.. i don't see that.
it lists 200 addons on my end and there's a 'next 200' link at the top and bottom of the page.
841 pages auto created, out of which only 91 are visible when not logged in. Thanks for the heads up, I'm not exactly sure how that auto generation works but we'll have to fix this.
Confirm that logging in shows way more.
pages are auto created by a python script:
Kodi:Add-on_bot (wiki)
should be fixed now.

wiki was somehow serving outdated pages to users who were not logged in.

i've manually purged the cache of the page as described here:

no idea
- why this is needed
- why it only affects users who are logged out
- if other pages are affected as well
Odd, as editing a page (to add a category) should purge the cache for that page. I'll be sure to do an extra purge on top of that when the script is ran.

The script acts as an editor on my computer, making normal user edits.