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does anyone know how the Amber skin in the video below is configured. I love Amber a lot especially the shelves. I've been trying to configure Amber so that the shelf appears for every option of the menu ( not just favorite and addons) as shown in the video but no luck. I am wondering if I can do it in Amber or is that a modified version of it? and also when I switch the language to Vietnamese, the font does not show up properly. Any help on how I could fix it would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Here is the video


and here is the screenshot of Amber in Vietnamese language.


I would also like to know how each menu items show sub menu items on the shelf for easy selection. I have created custom menus using Super Favourites add-on. But I have to select each menu item to see what is inside. Can anybody point to right direction.
No oneHuh
This is basically what i have been searching for would love if i could get my hands on this mod