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Full Version: Issue with Jarvis beta 2 and trailers.....
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With a clean install of Jarvis beta 2 whilst running Windows x64 I find that when using the Transparancy skin I have an issue when using, for example, the Fanart or List view for Movies. In that view you have created a "Reel" icon as a means for quick access to the Youtube trailer. Unfortunately it will open the trailer and play but the list of films (in Fanart view) or DVD / BD cases etc in other views are still present like an overlay over the playing trailer, if that makes sense....?

Prior to going back to a Windows based Kodi experience I used the 15.2 Kodi and this skin and all was well with that feature.

It is not possible to test the feature whilst running Confluence as it does not have the "Reel" icon but it does work properly when bringing up the context menu for the Movie information and selecting the trailer from there in Confluence.

Thanks for your work with this skin.
you can configure it here:
Skin Settings > Movies - Always play trailers fullscreen

I hang my head in shame Sad

I was "sure" that I had already applied tha tsetting as tha tis how I like it. I found out that I didn't though....!

That one had me stumped, many thanks Smile

The skin seems to run really well and, a usual, is not that demanding in terms of resources.