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Full Version: modify the movie info view
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I am new to kodi (just bought a PI2). I come from wdtv with custom firmware. I tried every skin and could not find one that suits me (well, amber is the only one which comes close to my desires! Thanks for the skinner!).
I tried to look into the xml files to achieve my goals, but ...
It is just about the movies info display. I was used with my wdtv to put what I wanted on the movie sheet.
Using the big list, I would like to be able to put some information from nfo files I have (to transfert all my movies to kodi) or later from the scrappers:
how can I modify the View_52_BigList.xml (and maybe other files as I understood that there are includes.xml and includes_variables.xml aswell) to have :
director, genre, lenght, rating (with stars and not number) : one one line
the plot, not cut by the height of the window (being able to have a bigger window for the info)
and most of all, the actors (under the plot) without having to go into the movie dialog info window.

Maybe there are already the director and genre in that big list, I am not sur as I tried every list and saw that the movie info differs from one view to another.