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Full Version: Video Info pop-up before staring movie
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Sorry for my silly question, I am new to setting Kodi with skins up so I'm trying to figure out things.

Screenshot from; 246430 (thread)

I am trying to get my Eminence 1 skin to get this pop-up box with full description, quality, artwork, duration etc. after opening the movie from the wall view. I like to see this information before I decide to press play or go back. Is this possible with the original release, or is this a v2 beta thing?

If anyone knows what settings to edit to get this, or similar, please let me know Smile
in kodi settings change the option on video playback to show info instead of play
Thank you, it worked! I now get the pop-up with info upon pressing play Smile

But my info-view seems a bit more dull than the screenshot posted above, is there a settings page for editing the layout and/or what info to show?
That info screen style is from E2.