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Full Version: Scraping Problem
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How can I get programs that are not listed in the TVDB to show up under TV Shows? I have two situations;

1. A regularly broadcast show such as The PBS Newshour that I record daily.

2. A special program such as the PBS showing of Celtic Women; Destiny that is a one time recording

In each case, I have to navigate over to Video->Files and play it from that listing.
Moved from discussions, as that forum isn't for help requests.

But NFO files (wiki) are your friend here.

Or for specific programmes, why not get yourself an account on theTVDB.com and add it? Helps out everyone that way...
NFO files are probably the way to go. I don't think TVDB will be much help. They can be particular about what sort of programs get listings and what ones don't. I doubt a daily news show is something they want listed, and for one-off specials, they're unlikely to allow an entire series entry for one episode.
What pvr are you using? Some of the addon forums may have subroutines that will rename your .ts file to a more freindly format.
PBS Newshour is listed: http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=81388&lid=7

And one-off PBS programmes also have their place: http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=116381&lid=7

I can see "Celtic Woman: Emerald" in the one-offs, but not "Celtic Woman: Destiny", so maybe you simply need to add that if it's a new broadcast.

Failing that, yes, NFOs are the easiest way to make your own series/entries and scan them into the library.
I agree that the nfo files should do the job. I have tried many combinations of file names, locations and contents with no joy. I guess I need some help in deciphering the Wiki on this topic.

I want to create a generic file for the PBS Newshour that would enable the daily recordings to be included in the TV Shows listing. The Wiki mentions a file tvshow.nfo (Exact, NOT the name of the TV show) in the folder but I can't seem to make it work.

I also tried to create an nfo file matching the name of the individual show but couldn't make that work either.

Any help in creating and locating these nfo files would be appreciated.
I had a similar issue with "NBC Nightly News". The most reliable answer I found for me was to add the episodes into thetvdb.com myself (which fixes the issue for everyone else also). All I add, for each day, is the title I want to show (I just used the date itself), and the original air date. The other issue I had to fix was around the file naming from my recording service (I'm using NextPVR). There are no season/episode numbers in the Schedules Direct EPG for the news, so NextPVR was creating the files with a date/time stamp in the name (NBC Nightly News_yyyymmdd_hhmmssff) - and thetvdb scraper didn't match those correctly. However, if the date format was changed slightly to yyyy-mm-dd (just adding punctuation), then the scraper would match properly to the aired date. I actually used a program - imagegrablite - to do the rename.