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Full Version: mp3 streams
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First, let me just say that this addon is brilliant! ALMOST flawless. However for downloading I have seen a minor flaw. If a song name has a "/" in the title, it cannot be downloaded. Essentially it's trying to save a file with a symbol in the name. Anyone found a work around for this? Otherwise the only fix I could see is the author adding an option to "download as...", so that the file is renamed.
you forgot to mention which addon you're talking about ;-)
In the subject. MP3 Streams. Smile
(2015-12-05, 21:56)Liver78 Wrote: [ -> ]In the subject. MP3 Streams. Smile

Which is a piracy add-on from a banned repository. Sorry no help on this forum.

Sorry. Saw another post on this addon that was on this forum. I didn't realize.