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Full Version: New Modrn skin for rivy/xbmc-script.audio.pandora
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You can find a new modernized skin that I made for rivy's pandora add-on here.

The original script without the skin can be found here.

Modern Skin for rivy/xbmc-script.audio.pandora by IVXCVI


I have submitted a pull request and emailed rivy about the new skin, but no action has been taken. He's an active enough coder, but he may not have time to take action on the pull request. I just wanted to make sure that people had the opportunity to use what I made.

Thanks for looking.
I would love to update my Pandora Skin. That looks sharp.
I wish SpotiMC worked for my Spotify. Can't have everything.
that pandora script is old and obsolete. Check out the Pandoki addon. It works like a champ and is skinned based on what skin you're using on your Kodi install.
What repository do I find pandoki?

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