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Full Version: Openelec 6.0 and amber problem
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Hey all.

Thanks for this great skin!

I have one little problem.

When i play a video file the picture not allways shows. The audio is there and i can click the "eye" in my Yatse remote.

Can i do somthing?

Im on
Rpi 2
Amber skin.2.1.3
Openeelc 6.0
The problem is not there when i use Confluence skin

Regards Daniel and thanks
If you click the back button or equivalent, or sometimes just wait a little while you can normally get the video up too. I have that occasionally too on my Pi.
I will suggest, first enable the Confluence skin and reboot.If you still have problem?
I dosent come it is like the video is playing in the background.

The problem is not there when i use Confluence skin
It happens to me as well sometimes. I just press back or exit button on remote and video comes up. Mostly it happens when I am playing a channel and if I go back and start playing some other channel. I couldn't find a solution, but I can live with it now.