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Full Version: Default View Mode
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I'd like to change the default view mode to Big Panel. I found some tips online specific to Amber but haven't had any luck w/ execution. Does anyone know how to do this?

FWIW - I attempted to modify the MyVideoNav.xml in the following ways:

Re-Order the control element with my desireable option to the top
PHP Code:
Showcase 57 58 59 -->
control type="group" description="Showcase trigger"

And this line from 50 to 55
PHP Code:
<defaultcontrol always="true">55</defaultcontrol
Is this changes working for you? I am also looking for something similar. When I open any addon it displays first in default view mode then it changes to grid view (Which I have selected for that addon). I am also trying to remove this transition on load, but no luck.
Having the same issue... what are we doing wrong?

Surely setting a default view would be the first thing you'd want to do with these options.....