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Full Version: Emby - Chapter and Cast/Crew Images?
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Since I use Emby to help with metadata, organization, and transcoding, I've been using Emby for years. I have all of my media properly scraped with all relevant data, including chapter images and cast/crew images. While this has always worked great inside of the Emby app inside my Windows Media Center, the functionality of these extra art bits are broken when I made the switch to Kodi. I inquired about this over in the Emby support forums and was quickly replied to that the issue is because of a Kodi limitation. Specifically, there is no way for Kodi to identify where these art files are located, which is understandable. Emby has a centralized folder location to store these things, in an effort to eliminate multiple copies of the same file being created. Since this "secret" folder is unknown to Kodi, there is no way to access these files. Kodi's solution is to scape this data from the internet either at the time it is added to the library, or when live viewing the info pages. The way Emby's database is added into Kodi's though seems to bypass Kodi's "add to library" online scraping. This in turn means that all of my extra bits of cast/crew images are ignored, and all the time I spent creating chapter images was wasted.

So I'm posting this, in the hopes that maybe a dev somewhere catches it, and is willing to perhaps consider allowing a more relaxed method of obtaining metadata, and allow the user to specify a remote location where these files are kept. I think this will go a long way in helping a lot of people have a much fuller and richer media experience.

EDIT - After further communicating with a dev over at Emby (link), I've got a better understanding of Kodi's limitation. Apparently this all comes from the addon Emby and Kodi use to communicate with each other. In order for Kodi to properly locate Emby's media, Kodi is being redirected through the addon to it. I asked if this addon could be updated to send more metadata over into Kodi, and was told this is a planned update for Cast/Crew data. However, the way Kodi looks for Chapter Images is handled differently, as it looks for the images directly (ie; a specific path to the files) and won't work through a redirection. So there's 2 options here. Either I throw it out and don't use Emby (which will cause me to lose all of the Emby features (like transcoding)), or get the Kodi devs to update the code to how it locates the chapter images. I plan on keeping Emby currently. So I'm going to wait for an update to the addon for the cast/crew, and cross my fingers hoping a Kodi dev can solve this incompatibility.

@ everybody else - Aside from the trancoding bit, which I would really use in a DLNA sense with the bluray player downstairs (still trying to get this working by the way), is there any reason I should be sticking with Emby? Are there other things that Emby is giving me that I would lose if I didn't use it? Since I've got all my media categorized, with hidden /metadata folders and xml/jpgs, would I lose those connections if I just used Kodi directly and pointed the library to their paths? Like, all the episode data (synopsis, episode image, etc) is stored.. would NOT using Emby prevent me from seeing all that? My suspicions are that Kodi would scrape this information from the internet as it adds the episodes to the Kodi Library rather than locate and use the pre-existing stored data. But that, in turn, could take a huge chunk of space on my SD card. What would be my best solution here? Stick with Emby and use all my tagged data and images (and suffer Kodi's lack of support for it) or ditch Emby and let Kodi scrape everything and store it all locally? As an example, I currently have over 500 movies, and about 200 complete TV shows. That's a lot of data to squeeze onto an SD card. I guess I can always backup the SD card and start fresh and see what it does.
More information about what was tested for chapters. It seems if we use xbmc.player().Play(path/to/content) it's able to load chapter images

However, if we use setResolvedUrl(samepath/to/content, listitem, True) chapters images are never looked at/loaded.