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Full Version: Kodi does not recognize my HD Homerun Extend HDTC-2US
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I have been very excited to try this out, but I have installed the KODI addon HD homerun from the KODI repository and Kodi does not seem to recognize my HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US)....

I was able to get it working through the Fire TV app HD Homerun... but it is a bit choppy and was hoping KODI being as amazing as it is would be able to receive the signal more smoothly... Any tips on how to get KODI to recognize my HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US)....?
Have you upgraded the firmware of your HDHomerun to the latest version? That solved my problem.
i feel like a moron not being able to figure this out myself... but how do i go about updating the firmware on the HD Homerun?
I just installed a new Extend recently. The "Quickstart Guide" was extremely simple. It just said to connect the Extend to your LAN and an antenna, then go to myhdhomerun.com from any computer on the LAN, and follow instructions on that web page. The first thing it did was to update the firmware. Then it installed software to check and configure your HdHomerun.
i set it up and it seemed to go through a bunch of things, figuring out the channels and what not... so am I to assume that the firmware updated itself? is there a way to check the firmware that its running on... .

did your Kodi recognize the homerun extend?
As I recall, there was a link either on that webpage, or in the HDHomerun software that was installed, to check the firmware version.

Yes, Kodi recognized the Extend with the HDHomeRun Kodi addon. But so far that addon seems to only VIEW OTA stations, not RECORD, so I went back to the ServerWMC addon for now--which also recognized the Extend without any problems.

I'm checking on the HDHR addon frequently to see when they add recording functions. I'd like to get away from WMC as soon as possible.