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Full Version: hvr-955q and tvheadend
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Forgive me if this is not the right place to ask this. I've done hours of googling and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere...

I'm trying to configure my Hauppage hvr-955q with tvheadend so that I can watch live tv in kodi. The card appears to be working correctly so far as Linux is concerned; it's picked up as a dvb device and tvheadend even recognizes it as such. However, when I try to add a network and then scan for channels/muxes, it doesn't find any. I'm just trying to get free OTA stuff (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc) with a powered antenna. No matter what I try in the tvheadend webgui, it just results in a failed scan for every frequency. I've even tried to use w_scan to see what it can find to no avail. If someone has any advice for me, or could even point me in the right direction for some documentation, it would be greatly appreciated.

I usually use this Mini Guide from Noggin to configure the TVHeadend Server: