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Full Version: pvr.hts client - API version numbers mismatch with Jarvis Beta4 / K****
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Currently any Kodi version after Kodi Jarvis Beta3 will not work with the current pvr.hts client due to to an API mismatch error.

Do we anticipate a fix for this anytime soon ?
Disregard, its all fixed in the recent pvr.hts master with the recent Transifex commit Smile
I may have a similar / the same problem. Can you elaborate?
Compile pvr.hts from the master code in Github and the pvr.hts client works again.

You can read about the Transifex commit there:
How can i compile the tvh.pvr can someone explain it to me
Got it working on Jarvis beta4 by adding nkvoronov' ppa
OK thanks, gonna try it tonight.
Did the above and it is working again. Thanks
addons are updated. you don' t need another repo
The kodi-pvr-hts in ppa:team-xbmc/unstable is working OK with Ubuntu xenial and kodi nightly build.