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Last update for Beta stage.
Next update will be official.

Featherence v0.3.1 (26-Jan-16)
- Added icons to skin design's menus.
- Added template: Classico.
- DVD case is now marked for Wall and Posters views.
- Major reduce skin size.
- Update dialogtextviewer.
- Update integrated player window.
- Update weather icons and fanarts.

Featherence v0.3.0 (24-Jan-16)
- Added Show poster as fanart (optional).
- Added fanart overlay adjustment for Wall and Posters views.
- Added choose overlay for sub marker.
- Minor bugs fix.
- Update ExtendedInfo actions.
- Update dialogselect window.
- Update videos information bar.
- Update widget script.

Hello friends Smile

In the next Featherence update, i included an option to choose one of six different shapes for home buttons.
In addition all buttons's effects finishing have been greatly improved!

Here below are the following new shapes:

- Pillows

- Hexagons

- Rectangles R10

- Rectangles

- Circles

- Triangles
Hey friends,

I am glad to share Featherence first video with you!

Enjoy Smile

The new Major update is NOW available!!

Featherence v0.3.2 (01-Feb-16)
- Added 2D mode for all buttons (optional).
- Added 5 different home buttons's shapes.
- Added 400+ new colors option via manual mode.
- Added coloring opion for menu's buttons (Focus/Unfocus).
- Added coloring option for all backgrounds menus.
- Added coloring opion for keyboard background, edit area and buttons (Focus/Unfocus).
- Added preview display for all coloring options.
- *Added double click check for some windows (aka if double click do different action).
* For example - double clicking on selected color will go to save button, otherwise stay on the same button.
- Added info button in coloring window.
- Major update of all buttons textures and effects.
- Major update of all dialog windows.
- Major update of skin design options sort order.
- Minor bugs fix.
- You may now color, reshape and set overlay for every apsect in the skin.
- Update colors window.
- Update Default and Classico template.
- Update radio buttons
- Update transperancy option for all menu buttons.

Cheers Smile

Featherence v0.4.0 (04-Feb-16)
- Added new templates: Transparency, Checkerboard.
- Added reshape feature for custom icons with background (optional).
- Added top info for file browser window (aka choosing icons/backgrounds).
- Major update button's shapes and layouts sync.
- Major update dialogsubtitles window.
- Minor bugs fix.
- Update description given in skin design options.
- Update dialog select window.
- Update subtitles history feature.
- Update top backgrounds effects.
- Update transperancy options preview feature.

Featherence v0.4.2 (11-Feb-16)
- Added background for sub menus (optional).
- Improve performance when scrolling.
- Minor bugs fix.
- Update coloring preview.
- Update Music, File Manager, DialogMediaSource windows.

Looks really nice. Any plans on making this Jarvis compatible in the near future? I am running Jarvis RC3 on all my devices, so I cannot install from your repo (incompatible).
Thanks m8.
I will start working on Jarvis soon.
Featherence v0.4.4 (14-Feb-16)
- Added additonal Sub Menu action method.
You may use it to activate main button on a click or sub menu on an arrow click (depend on your current layout).
- Added full video information on pause.
- Added Save and Load button shortcut in Skin Design window.
- Fixed path (special://) for buttons's Icons and fanart.
You may save then load to create special:// path for your current buttons all at once.
- Minor bugs fix.
- You may now change the action of the default buttons (or revert back if needed).

Featherence v0.4.5 (22-Feb-16)
- Added DialogPVRChannelManager and DialogPVRGroupManager.
- *Added Jarvis support!
- Minor update DialogSubtitles.
- Major internal code maintenance.
- Side Menus stay visible for few more seconds on unfocus.

*Install from ZIP: http://offshoregit.com/finalmakerr

Featherence v0.4.6 (25-Feb-16)
- Added Repeat to video OSD buttons.
- Added Yahoo support for Post in Facebook button.
- Major Jarvis bug black screen fix.
- Minor update Checkerboard template.
- Update Music and Video on startup and slideshow.
You may now choose single file or path to be played randomly when triggered.
- Update slideshow window information.

Featherence v0.4.7 (11-Mar-16)
- Added big icons feature to home buttons.
You may now enlarge your icons to fit one of 6 available shapes.
- Added Action and Thumbnail toggle when selecting an action for a button.
- Added multi fanart support for main/sub buttons.
- Added weather resources addons in the skin folder - for Isengard only!
- Minor bugs fix.
- Update user path script for icons/fanart.

Featherence v0.4.9 (22-Apr-16)
- Added buttons password protection (WIP).
- Minor bug fix when loading a build - sometimes few buttons are missing.
- Touch device support (WIP).
- Update vertical menu to work better with BigIcons feature.

Featherence v0.4.8 (29-Mar-16)
- Added option to disable default widget.
- Bug fix: Shutdown button.
- Update coloring menu.

Featherence v0.4.10 (21-May-16)
- Added scroll bar to coloring window.
- Added 600+ new colors!! (Patch by George)
- Added Multi-Fanart limited support using save/load.
- Update Password Protection feature.
- Update Tips on wait.

Featherence v0.5.0 (11-Jun-16)
***Jarvis (Kodi 16) will be supported now in Featherence Repo!
Previous version of Kodi is available through http://offshore.git.com/finalmakerr***

- Major reduce of skin size.
- Minor update of Featherence Emu's views.
- Minor update of save build feature.
- Minor update of video OSD buttons.
- Update autocomplete feature.
- Update subtitles dialog window.

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