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Full Version: Featherence [Leia]
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Since I have migrated to Krypton, I will be waiting for your update, Thanks for your nice work on his skin.
Verynice skin ! Waiting for krypton too… .
Featherence v0.6.1 (02-Oct-16)
- Added noification for unlocking a button with a password.
- Added option to always hide library updating progress dialog when watching a video.
- Added option to change button's colors overlay.
- Added option to color font of Focus and Unfocus widget labels.
- Added option to color font of Dialogs window title and content.
- Added option to color font of Virtual Keyboard title and text.
- Added option to color font of Top Information bar and Top Video Information bar.
- Added option to enlarge icon in Side List view.
- Added option to reset any single button to default state.
- Added option to toggle show widget label's background on/off.
- Added option to tweak maximum movies/tvshows widget items.
- Added option to tweak the fade time between different skin windows (useful for low-end hardware).
- Added option to change the transperancy level of the locking mark/icons.
- Added submenu and widget support for Favourite, Settings and power buttons.
- Added two news mouse icons.
- Major bug fix with addons who use TrakTV when it's show only "Episode No.".
- Major bug fix with locking a button and using Sub Menu action.
- Major bug fix with new favourite button doesn't hide when set to and doesn't take an action.
- Minor bug fix with VideoOSD window not closing properly on home screen.
- Major touch buttons update.
orientation, reposition, enlarge, executing action from skin design window support.
- Major update of DialogSubtitles window.
Added option to show current subtitle (Yellow) and previous (Grey) subtitles (WIP).
Added auto refresh for current subtitles provider and skip to next if none are found and user is idle.
- Major update of Color Background dialogues.
- Major update of Smart search string feature (subtitles).
- Minor bug fix with Random Background from widgets not working properly.
- Minor design update of the three additionals small buttons.
Also added a sync for big icons feature between the standards and those small icons.
- Minor update of fanart position when browsing on some windows while video is playing.
- Minor update of Featherence Classico Plus.
- Minor update of Horizontal 2 layout.
- Minor update of save/load feature.
- Minor update of widget labels and frame size.
- RSS category has been merged with Upper Design category.

Featherence v0.6.2 (13-Oct-16)
- Added busy transition for skin windows.
- Added extra coloring support for DialogNumeric window (Synced with DialogKeyboard).
- Added extra mouse support option (WIP).
+ To be activate in the Mouse category.
+ This feature is auto-enabled if touch support is also enabled.
- Added Next Aired support.
- Added option to change font size of plot information.
- Added option to change size of video/audio playback settings.
- Added option to display fanart from episode and season thumbnail.
- Added option to enable zoom animation between different skin windows.
- Added option to lock up to 10 specific addons.
- Added option to show trailers buttons for Side List, Center List, Poster, Wall and List views.
- Added radio/tv channels toggle button in PVR side menu.
- Added trailers buttons to widget window.
- Added View Options side-button to Center List and Small List views.
- Added volume category in skin design window with the following options:
+ Show volume icon, choose volume icon, volume background color, volume icon color, volume position, volume background overlay, volume icon overlay, show volume level percent, always show volume level on mute.
- Major bugs fix with touch buttons on some windows.
- Major update of Center List view.
+ Added RTL support and improved design.
- Major update of Side List view.
+ Thumbnail support for any episodes, seasons, tvshows and movies.
+ Enlarge icon overall update.
- Major update of subtitles semi-auto search notification.
+ Improve the search time duration and cycle between subtitles server.
+ Added support for any subtitles service.
+ Added status and timer notifications in the subtitles dialog window.
+ Added user interrupting and no subtitles were found notifications.
+ Overall script performance improved and bugs fix.
+ Removed the previous notifications.
+ Subtitles window will be auto faded also when there is no subtitle enable and no subs are currently found.
- Major update of system information window.
- Minor update of center menu / sub menu.
- Minor update of DialogPVRChannelManager window.
- Minor update of DialogSubtitles window.
- Minor update of PVR window.
- Minor update of Kodi's settings window.
- Minor update of skin windows transition.
- Minor update of Topvideoinformation window.

Featherence v0.6.3 (20-Oct-16)
- Added ForceView feature.
- Added new design mode for Side List view.
- Added new effect: Boat mode for Line view.
- Added option to change video/audio OSD position (Setting is hidden by the stop OSD button).
- Added transitions category in skin settings.
+ Moved Fade and zoom transitions settings from advanced category.
+ Added option to choose a logo and background between windows transition.
+ Added option to choose size and position of transition logo.
+ Added realtime preview for easy setup.
- Animation fade tweak of trailers buttons.
- Assigning icon/fanart image to a button no longer require clicking the OK button - Can simply click on the image.
- Minor update of semi-auto subtitles.
+ Increased font size for semi-auto subtitles script notification.
+ Smart/Manual subtitle search now properly interrupt the script.
- Major bug fix with button's widget aren't visible when tvshows library is empty.
- Major bug fix with some touch device unable to edit main menu buttons (WIP).
- Major update of DialogVideoInfo window.
+ *Added actors, director and writers thumbnails support across any addon.
*Require script.skin.helper.service and script.extendedinfo.
+ Added directors and writers selection panel, including all writers information.
+ Added extra information to DialogVideoInfo window: Director, Studio, Writer, Country, Premiered..
- Minor bugs fix.
- Minor update of auto-close video/audio OSD feature.
- Minor update of DVDCases colors per rating: Blue = High Rated 9+, Yellow = Local, Red = Set.
- Minor update of extra mouse support feature.
- Update network connection icon.

Thanks for the continuous updates!
Ok, im a bit confused on how to add widgets. I believe I have added a couple widgets correctly, but when I go back to the main screen they dont show up?? Also was wondering how to display the movies in the folder as a widget on the home screen rather than just show the folder icon?
See video: http://jed.one/Backgrounds/Recording%20%2319.mp4
Are you using a touch device/tablet maybe?
Also does the widget work for your others button?

In order to assign movie widget to a specific button, go to skin design - widget tab and choose a button to contain the movies widget.

Featherence | YouTube
(2016-10-26, 17:07)finalmakerr Wrote: [ -> ]Are you using a touch device/tablet maybe?
Also does the widget work for your others button?

In order to assign movie widget to a specific button, go to skin design - widget tab and choose a button to contain the movies widget.

Featherence | YouTube

Nope, Windows 10, ill mess around some more and see if i can figure it out.
Featherence v0.6.4 (27-Oct-16)
- Added new design mode for Center List view.
- Added new design mode for Poster view.
- Added new design mode for Wall view.
- Added new video preview window for Center List view.
- Added option to hide fanart on navigation for Wall and Poster views.
- Added option to show fanart on half screen (in order to see it all in some users configurations).
- Added play trailer in-full screen support for trailers button in all views.
- Minors bugs fix.
+ DVDCases for movies sets / collections.
+ Home Buttons position are now saved when returning to home window.
+ script.module.unidecode unable to auto-installed.
+ Unable to edit custom widgets.
- Minor performance update of animation during videoplayback.
- Minor update of DialogSeekBar
+ Added seeking with mouse support.
+ Added time pass label.
+ Added seeking animation.
- Minor update of English translation.
- Minor update of Mini buttons.
+ Support scrolling back/forward in all layouts.
- Skin design's top buttons are now always visible.

Featherence v0.6.6 (03-Nov-16)
- Added new view: Side Wall (WIP).
- Added option to enable failsafe fanart.
+ For example: Entering Movies button and selecting an item without a fanart will display the movie's fanart of your homepage button.
- Added option to enlarge widgets labels.
- Added option to favour Center List over Side List view for some dialogs (FileBrowser for example).
- Exit full screen video now always require one click only.
- Minor bug fix with missing textures in dialogvideoinfo.
- Minor update of DVDCases visibility.
- Minor update of Covers Transperancy option.

Featherence v0.6.7 (17-Nov-16)
- Added next/previous buttons arrows to horizontal3 layout.
- Added show dvdcases option to Side View.
- Major update of Side Wall view.
+ Added autoview/forceview support.
+ Added option to toggle LTR and RTL versions without changing the language.
+ Added option to toggle sliding/fade animation of the video information.
+ Added support for Programs, Pictures, music and addons view.
+ Fixed watched icons.
- Major bug fix with allow thumbnail fanart feature.
- Major bug fix with edit button of SmartPlaylistRule window.
- Minor update of Fanart Transperancy option for views: Wall, Side Wall and Posters.
- Minor update of semi-auto subtitle script.
+ Increased timeout between refreshing and switching a server.
- Minor update of top video information alignment.
- Minor update of preview videoplayer in settings window.
+ Window is full sized and video preview at the side.

Featherence v0.6.8 (24-Nov-16)
- Added Romanian translation.
- Minor bugs fix with Side Wall view.
***Final version for Jarvis (Kodi-16)***

When playing music from local folders, is there a way to have same screen saver as in the default skin ?
Hey Danik,
Are you talking about the visualization feature?

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