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(2017-07-23, 15:10)Klord Wrote: [ -> ]Dears, I just installed featherence on an odroid C2 running the latest official libreelec (krypton based ).
Tried the Arcade section first, downloading the entire rom package by means of the context menu (right click)... But then, when all the games are available, i click on play and nothing appears (neither an error message). Any idea on how to troubleshoot the problem?

Read the post of
2017-07-04 18:57

Featherence Emu - Install & Play games


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(2017-07-23, 15:50)finalmakerr Wrote: [ -> ]Read the post of
2017-07-04 18:57

Featherence Emu - Install & Play games


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Thanks finalmakerr, but I don't get the Point here... The post you mentioned deals with issues in using featherence under Android, but it's not my case... I'm running libreelec (official) build for odroid c2 (s905)
I see..
You can try to change the OS settings to something else in addon settings).
Then click on install OS, check if it's does install new emulator addon.
Featherence v0.7.5 (28-Aug-17)
- Major bug fix of Manual search string (Subtitles Window).
- Minor update of DialogGameControllers window.
Featherence v0.7.8 (30-Oct-17)
- Major update of default skin settings. Enabled by default now.
+ Allow Thumbnails Fanart.
+ Cover Distance.
+ Fanart-Home Full Screen.
+ Larger Icons.
+ Show Fanart from Episode / Season.
+ Top Bar size.
+ Video Information Font Size.
- Minor bugs fix.
- Minor update of Performance settings.
- Video Information bar is now always visible.
Featherence v0.7.9 (09-Nov-17)
- Added actors, director and writers thumbnails and information support across any addon.
- Added info OSD button.
- Added EventLog window.
- Added Kodi's settings information.
- Added option to download Weather icons and backgrounds pack.
- Added Video player information on fullscreen pause.
- Major update of default icons.
- Minor update of default skin settings.
- Minor update of video screen pause image.
- Minor update OSD buttons textures.
I am enjoying playing around with this skin.  It could be a very good skin for a tablet but there are a few frustrations and design limitations

1. Weather. Like a few skins it seems this does not have a weather widget, or at least one that I can use.  It would be very nice if either the super-widget could pull the weather forecast or I had an option to disable super widget and instead have buttons across screen for "daily forecast", "weekly forecast" and "10 day forecast" for example

2. Sub menus.  I set up a sub menu for movies (to show genres and by year) and also used a super widget to display my movies sets.  Cannot work out how to get sub-menu displayed, swiping left produces nothing, swiping right goes to widget, pressing movies takes me to movie titles.  I am obviously missing something obvious.  

3. Backgrounds.  I am guessing this is a design decision but multi-image backgrounds would be nice.

4. Final thought.  Would it be possible to have 2 widgets per main menu item.  Top one could be sub menu and bottom would then be super widget?

Next piece of experimentation for me is to change main menu to show icons only
Hey Jastin,

1. Weather:
Check new version 0.7.12 for weather widget and weather information.
You may download and auto setup new weather's icons and fanarts using skin settings - addin tab. 

2.Sub Menu:
Make sure to enable sub menu for each button. See: https://youtu.be/71ZaygTHGZE?t=148

The skin support multi image fanarts for main button and single fanart for sub menus and custom widget items.
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