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Full Version: bookmark location for live tv recordings
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hello - i'm wondering if someone can tell me where the bookmarks are stored for the recordings of live tv? i know that the movies and tv shows bookmarks are stored in the bookmarks table of myvideos*.db file, but i can't find the location where the bookmarks made on recorded live tv are stored.

it would be appreciated if someone could let me know where it is. Thank you.

There is a database TVxx.db in the same directory. Take a look there
There is a database TVxx.db in the same directory. Take a look there
Unfortunately it's not that one. That's database includes just the tv shows that I've ripped from DVDs. Doesn't include recorded live tv shows.
any other ideas here? i've been searching but the only other possibility i have been able to find is a file called epgdb.v2. however, when i try to access that file it indicates that it is encrypted.
epgdb.v2 is the tvheadend backend EPG database.

Why would the bookmarks not be stored in the same db as all other video information? I haven't immediately checked, but I'm sure they travel between clients in a shared mysql installation (just like resume points), in which case they must be in the MyVideos##.db...

I'll create a bookmark on a recording and see if it travels between clients...
An idle moment at the keyboard... I didn't test the client portability bit, but I did call up a recording - both through a file share and the addon - and created a bookmark.

The bookmark thumbnail appears in ~/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails/Video/Bookmarks. From that filename, you can find the relevant entry in the bookmarks table in MyVideos##.db, e.g. I created a bookmark 9 seconds in and got this:


(Create a second one at, say, 02:00:49 and you'll get f541e6f6_7249.jpg - you can see the time in seconds appearing after the hash/identifier, as 7249 == 2x60x60+49)

Search the db (actually, I searched a dump from my shared db, because it's easier) and I find:


Which then map onto these fields in the table.
you're absolutely right!. Sorry about my post, but my confusion stems from thinking the idfile column from the bookmark table was linked with the movie and tv show tables, and when i searched those tables they didn't have any of the recorded tv episodes in them. i didn't realize that that column was actually linked to the files table, which has all the movies, tv shows, and recorded episodes in it.

thanks for your help. i appreciate it.