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Full Version: Tmdb.org no fanart/no poster (android)
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I don't know what's wrong with that... I have a transparent poster and no fanart for all of my movies But I have movies informations and description. If someone knows what to do...
I tried to reinstall kodi, I have Reset my box. nothing new (my internet connection is ok) Random Fanarts you can see on some pics is from Artwork downloader and don't represent the selected movie.
Image Image Image
EDIT: TV Shows posters and fanart works fine. All "remote art" selected when I want to change the poster or fanart of a film shows the default thumbnail of kodi... it's like kodi don't caching remote posters or something.
Please someone help... its really irritating Sad
Google TV - MX III G
Android 5.1.1
Kodi 16.
Finally, I've found the source of this f*****g bug.
It's due to Adfree (an Android-ad-blocker app) where It blocks Some interactions between kodi And the internet.
How to:
uninstalling adfree or reset your device don't change anything because You have to restore a file called "hosts" stored in a system folder and this file is not resetted when you reset your device.
You can restore It with your ad blocker or;
Look for " ad blocker remover" on play store (dev by "marty mcfly" --' ) and it will do it for you.
It is possible that after that, kodi don't start anymore and say "cant download obb" just uninstall and reinstall kodi
/!\ make backups.