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Full Version: testing HTSP TVHeadend client vs other players
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I'm doing imaging tests with VLC vs HTSP tvheadend client in low resolutions. HTSP tvh client has a lot of pixels in rapid image changes vs vlc always has a clean image with a minimum of pixels. I use more htps tvh client but the image quality is terrible compared to VLC and other players. I leave a link out of my server with tvheadend and make image comparisons or can compare with your own links with TVH.

http://iptv:[email protected]:9981...6920915FC2

I tested with VLC and several players vs the PVR and all players have better image
To the best of my knowledge, the HTSP client simply hands the stream over to Kodi - it's not responsible for anything once the connection is made. I could be wrong, though...

If that's the case, you're actually poking Kodi's image quality rather than the PVR addon itself. I quickly swapped notes with someone who understands these things better than me, and his immediate suggestion was to try that link directly in Kodi... it should be identical. At that stage, you're then into either critiquing Kodi's rendering (which may or may not be valid) or into particular settings - how things deinterlace or scale, for example, or whether they're decoding in hardware or software.