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(2016-04-11, 16:51)djoole Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry Zpectre87, really no time for me at the moment.
Maybe you can manage to do it by your own by making a diff between Reynald's code and mine for the poster reflect view, and then apply the same changes to your view?

As for the cases not showing, at the end of the code you have the rules needed to be matched.
For instance, if you want a MKV case with MKV logo, the file must have .MKV extension, without "bluray" keyword in it (otherwise it will get a Blu-Ray case and logo).

I can help you if you give me the exact filename which don't get a case..

Ok, I'll send a PM with details.
@Zpectre87, I've made some changes to the conditions for case/logo variable, now it should wokr, let me know!

Post 104 edited.
Not working yet. Same result. Sad

I really don't understand, because it should work. I even tried deleting the case_mkv condition but it still won't display and the logo is the H264 one, too.

I've got collections in my library, and for those the case displays properly (the red case with the discs). It's just the standalone films that won't. I'm using Emby but that shouldn't matter.
Sorry, I really don't know what else to do.
On the previous version, there was indeed a problem with conditions priority, where files even having the "bluray" keyword were displayed with MKV case and H264/H265 logo.
But by hardening the conditions i managed to have the case/logo used (tested it ok on my system).

Is anyone else using my custom list who could say if it's ok or not on his system?
I like to see a full Android TV home and Play Movies view on Kover....is that possible?
(2016-04-26, 14:22)achaw Wrote: [ -> ]I like to see a full Android TV home and Play Movies view on Kover....is that possible?
Hi, you mean the Android TV Home UI ?
If so, sadly not possible. KOver allows only 1 main menu + 1 widget. Moreover, Home menu is built with 3 preset configs that doesn't match such UI.
I'm dreaming about modern, responsive design skin for Kodi. It'll probably happen, when Kodi will switch theming backend to WebKit, but not anytime soon.
Is it possible to get such a look with KOver? Or maybe author will get inspired with this making next skin Smile


Also, polish PVR provider JAMBOX has done grate job designing their new Kyanit OS v5.0. Please have a look:

Thanks Smile
where is this from ?

It's from here: https://dribbble.com/shots/2338485-Cineplex-Experience

And there is more cool ispirations on Dribble if you digg deeper:


Im a complete novice when it comes to this but I really want to no how to use this amazing skin, I really want to be able to use the work Reynald has done ,so could anyone please help me out and explain what I have to do ?
1. Read the OP
2. Explore XML code of provided CL in this topic, trial and error
3. Have fun Smile
How can I add cases and discs?
Guys I have a couple of questions...

I run Kover on two Minix 4K Android boxes around the house, with great results. I want to delve into the Designer, but Im a little overwhelmed. Rather than mess up the look I currently have on these boxes, I was thinking of downloading Kodi and Kover to my laptop, and playing with Designer there so Im not unintentionally screwing anything up. That way I can learn how to re-design layout etc.
So my questions are:-

1. If I create designs I like in my laptop that I like, can these be copied over to the KOver skin which is on the Android boxes (same files, file structure etc)
2. If the above is true, what files should be copied over - same location inside the skin also?
Yes, Kover has a builtin export/import function, so it's quite easy to share views setups and custom views. I'm not in front of Kodi, but look in Kover settings and you will find the export function.
After few hours of customization and tests i get a nice skin now thanks for this amazing skin
I am extracting the modified xml settings to posts here Wink
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