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Full Version: LG OS 2.0
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Congratulations - first of all - for the XBMC/KODI platform , its very usefull app

I have recently bought a smart LG LED TV 42LF652V 42" Full HD Smart 3D , which uses the OS 2.0 and i have been trying unsuccessfully to install the XBMC/KODI application.

As i understand the OS 2.0 is not a very popular operating system, but i would like to ask, since you are pioneers on this platform, if there is going to be a version for XBMC/KODI app for OS Smart TV's for our products as well.

Thank you in advance
I don't think so. If you want Kodi on a TV take something Android based like the new Sony or Phillips TVs have. I own a Sony TV (KDL55W807C) and it installed fine from the Google PlayStore.

15 years or so back i was a SONY electronics supporter my self as well, but at my homeland Greece, SONY Hellas is one of the worst (if not the worst) at support companies ever. Proven by the drop of their sales the last 20 years or so. Further more their prices are (like Samsung and Apple) completely off the market. Buying an LG device now days is a logic move (money wise) and very competitive to other electronic devices, if we compare what the devices have to offer to the user via price, flexibility, reliability and endurance through time. Also LG Service is not centralized as many companies now days have, on the contrary LG electronics have multiple and different stations for each appliance independently. Since these Service Stations are not interconnected, they compete each other for performance, prices and qualification from the mother company, resulting a better control and much much better deal for the end buyer.
Presumably LG is making a move to introduce their OS to the market as a competitive one, resulting eventually to be supported by all leading appliances in the field. This is also the reason for my post/question to KODI/XBMC platform developers.
Such a beautiful and well made platform SHOULD be introduced to ANY operating system, expanding its capabilities to 100%.
100% agree...

But still I don't think the devs will care about any hardware LG will provide., nor are they able to test on those devices because they don't have one.. So if you don't have such a device to test on, how are you able to develop on? Correct, you aren't.

So, just a bit kidding...you could spend a LG TV to those devs and maybe they will do it Wink.

Seriously, it's not an OS thing only. The hardware has to be completely supported and then it's a software thing.

I won't say anything against your opinion to some TV manufactors. But Sonys step to use Android as an OS, is a very good one. The device gets much more flexible then any other TV OS will be. With Android as a base you are able to use any app, which is provided on the Google PlayStore...costs and price aside. So your argument about the flexibility which others TVs have, is a bit vague. As I would say, TVs with android as a base, are the most flexible TVs I ever saw.


An operating system IS an operating system not because it just "operates" but also because it is supported. If I were a developer i would try not to just support the leading 2-3 OS's but also to cover the other minor as well. Just imagine in 10 years from now a scenario that LG 's OS 5000 for example is the most common operating system for electronic viewing devices, how this post would seem like to ppl. Tragic ! Biggest example in the universe? Linux....and pleas note this: where is Linux is going as we speak ?
This is not the time to react - or to be precise - not to act at all. After all at the very end of this discussion / topic a simple request from a simple supporter of the KODI/XBMC platform is trying to be noticed by the development team. If at the end of the road, we truly support this app, we support it all the way and since we like it 101% we want / need it in all our potential electronic products no matter where the companies are going technologically.

My request remains, and ofc i am looking forward to hearing good news from KODI/XBMC development team.

Hardware support depends on many things, specifically decode, cpu and or gpu. So what's the hardware?

OS Support on top of that is also dependent on many rhings, incl. Video api, OS openess, etc.

Kodi support is the hardest unless an indie dev creates a working fork. But mainline supports needs either manufacturor support of massive addoptation.

but LG is indeed selling great priced tv's and monitors, including Freesync. But their "phone-home" scam tells me it's better to jailbreak the shit of out it and run openelec on it.

What do u mean by "jailbreak" and "openelec" ?? plz dont forget that the TV is brand new and that whatever u do in order to "break" any of its components, u loose guarantee...

Open the OS and implement something so that the user is able to decide what the device does and what not (similar to 'root' for android devices).


And I guess, as LGs OS is not that open for an easy installation of additional appplications like Kodi, we won't ever see that. And I guess further more, that Kodi isn't the only application one might miss on those TVs and which won't be implemented.

But as I'm neither a Kodi dev team member nor a developer at all, I'll stop that now and wait until a dev member has said something (they did already for some other questions like that and the answer was always 'nope'....but maybe things will change Wink ).

Btw: 200487 (thread)
OpenElec in place of the TV OS? lol.
Some people have no idea what they're talking about, here Wink

As a Team-KODI Developer can you plz respond to the question of the topic if possible ?

Thank you in advance and gratz for the platform, its excellent i love it !!!