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Full Version: Boxee and Kodi
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Hi, I am new to kodi

I installed kodi onto my boxee and it worked great for about a day and than it randomly stopped letting me install add-ons. I searched the internet on how to fix this problem but couldn't come up with anymore than to factory reset my boxee because I could not add the add-on fresh start because I couldn't add add-ons period.

I than tried to reinstall kodi .... I've done it about 5 times now, factory resetting between attempts. Each time I reinstall kodi now. By boxee starts find and than the kodi start up screen repeats its self until I manually turn off the boxee.

Help, I really want kodi on my boxee again but I have run out of ideas of how to get it to work.
Please post a debug log (wiki) of a failed attempt. Also what exactly are you trying to install, by what method and from where?
It might be best to ask this at the Boxeed.in forum: http://boxeed.in