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Full Version: Disabling 24p mode for certain videos
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I have a TV series (Sledge Hammer!) that I have encoded as variable frame rate because season 2 contains mixed progressive 29.97 fps and 23.976 fps sections. When muxing the file to a Matroska container, I have created a timecode file to separate the parts.

Now, during playback, my receiver switches from 24p to 60p which causes the screen to go blank for some seconds at each change. I have selected Adjust display refresh rate and it is set to occur during start and stop. Probably my receiver gets confused during the beginning which contains mostly 24p and then switches to 60p when the credits are over.

Anyway, if I could force the output to 60p, I would not get any blanking screen at the cost of some judder. Is there any way to do that for certain videos?