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Full Version: nVidia Shield & KODI
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Hello All,

This is a newbie question.

I recently purchased the nVidia shield and have now installed KODI. I have two NAS devices, I am interested in streaming my video files from these devices, can anyone please shed some light on how to go about doing that?

Thank you
Kodi works best with network shared folders.

SMB (windows networking) and NFS (linux networking) are likely available on your NAS & most commercial NAS are linux based, the SMB may also go under other names like CIFS/Samba..

In Kodi go to videos\add videos\browse and then from the list select SMB and see if it locates your NAS, if all goes well you should be able to add any shared folders that way. You may need to also input login details if you have not enabled guest user rights on your NAS shared folders.

SMB for the most part tends to work okay as linux NAS use Samba the open source version however SMB can sometimes prove troublesome. NFS is a bit more complex to set up then SMB but more reliable in my experience, the Kodi wiki has some guides for Synology and QNAP NAS in setting up NFS shares.

The other option are media servers, like DLNA or Emby, some NAS have these but DLNA is only good for file browsing no metadata or coverart. For Emby there is a Kodi plugin that connects to the Emby media server.

If your still having trouble post the brand of the NAS.