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Full Version: Current state and vision about AudioDSP
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Hi community, sorry for the late response I was very busy during the last months. The problem with AudioDSP is the intogration into Kodis core. You will need some time to define a easy to use API for Add-ons and the handling inside ActiveAE. It is technically possible but you will need a lot of time, which I currently can't provide. Furthermore the maintenance and bug fixing of this feature still requires also a lot of time. To do it right you will need more than one developer, because the task is to big for one developer, which works on this feature as a side project.

But I still hope to continue the work on AudioDSP in the future. I learned so much from the development of this feature, but I always missed the tooling for C++ signal processing application development and testing. I don't like to use the full Kodi stack for binary add-on development! This is the reason why I focused on this issue during the last months and created a closed source prototype that is able to process any type of signal processing application. Great news most features are implemented, but the prototype still requires more time to do it right and create a first release. I hope to get this project to a good shape at the end of this year! If you like to learn more about this project and get the latest state feel free to follow https://twitter.com/algorithmdev. It's also possible to integrate AudioDSP add-ons into the tool as you can develop so called environment plugins. Wink
But it might be a licensing problem with GPL as the code base is currently closed source. Confused I hope I will find a solution for this issue!

As I said many times if I continue to work on AudioDSP you will see the progress in https://twitter.com/turanachim. I still really like the idea of this add-on extension point! It's a feature, which is still missing in Kodi. Hopefully there will be more developers in the future that like to dive into the world of digital audio signal processing. It's always great to work in group on this feature.
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