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Full Version: No Tags menu under Videos > Library > Movies [Solved]
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I'm trying to tag movies via the feature outlined here: Video_library_tags (wiki)

This page mentions a Tags option found via "Videos -> Library -> Movies -> Tags", however when I navigate to Movies, I'm immediately shown my collection of movies. There's no submenu under Movies. Am I missing something? Is there some setting I need to enable first?

This is using Kodi 15.1 Isengard on Ubuntu 15.10.

SOLUTION: The setting "Flatten hierarchy" was enabled in Settings > Video > Library (disabled is the default). I disabled this setting and was able to see the Tags menu as desired.
Never got any response about this. Is custom tagging not a popular feature? I'd like to group movies with tags such as Disney, Pixar, Animated, etc.
Are you sure you are navigating through the "Videos" top-level menu item rather than the "Movies" top-level menu item? The former should allow you to follow the path given by the Wiki article, while the latter will take you directly to your list of movies. This is also skin dependent, so try this while using Confluence if not already using that skin.
Yes, when I click Videos, I see the following options: Movies, Recently added movies, Files, Playlists, Video add-ons. When I click the Movies option, it immediately shows me my movies. This view looks identical to if I selected the top-level "Movies" menu item instead of "Videos". I only have the Confluence skin, so that's the one I'm using.

What options is this Videos > Movies submenu supposed to have in it? Tags of course, but what else? I wonder what other options I'm missing out on.
I switched back to Confluence to be sure, and when I navigate to Video -> Movies, I am indeed taken to a menu with further options, rather than directly to a list of my movies.

The options are as follows:


Unfortunately I do not know what setting could be affecting the behavior you are seeing. Are your movies correctly scraped in to your library?
I believe the scraping is configured correctly. Kodi is pulling in cover art and movie info from an internet DB.

New finding: I found one weird workaround. When digging through Kodi's settings, I found a setting under Appearance > File lists to "Show parent folder items". When I enable this, then specifically navigate to Movies (not Video > Movies), I see an option to select the parent folder along with my existing movies. When I click this, I'm taken to a menu like the one you describe, with Genres, Title, Tags, etc. From here, I can access the Tags menu.

The strange part is that if I go up another level, or select the "Videos" top-level menu, I see what I described before, where "Movies" is a sub-item and selecting it takes me directly to my movies. When I click the parent item again, I'm taken to the Videos menu that has the "Movies" sub-item (no Genres, Title, Tags, etc.).

So I'm not sure why this is the only way I can access this menu, but at least I found some way to get to it.
Aha! I found that in Settings > Video > Library, the setting "Flatten hierarchy" was enabled. The name itself isn't very intuitive, but the description is "Removes the title, genre, etc. nodes from the library view. Selecting a category takes you straight to the title view." That was a behavior I didn't want. I disabled that setting and I'm now able to see the menu as mentioned in the wiki page.

Thanks for the help!