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Full Version: TV Show Next Aired - calendar subscription / iCal support
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(I would have posted this in the addon's thread, but it's closed)

Hi there!
I love this add-on, been using it forever.

One thing I've always wanted is for the add-on to notify / preset upcoming episodes automatically, without me having to manually go to the tv guide.
Recently I started using SickGear, a SickBeard port. It has a pretty cool feature where you can subscribe to a webcal (iCal) feed of your database. See this link for the handler for these requests. So I, for example, have subscribed to this feed from my Google Calendar.

It would be really great if something like this could be implemented for this add-on!
(I can offer some coding help, if needed. my Python is pretty rough around the edges, but I've already written a few small scripts)