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Full Version: Addon Translations?
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Just wondering if we are bothering with Addon translations any more?

I've noticed that none of the new additions (posted to the mailing list) have been processed for the last 6 months or so, and the addon's section in github has not been updated in 2 months:


Not an issue if we are not - I'll just stop checking Big Grin


stop checking ;-)

currently the transifex-github sync code is being rewritten, we'll post a heads-up here when it's back on track.
Hi, just wanted to ask what the current status is. The documentation is as always pretty sparse.

I'm in the process of refactoring my add-on right now. One of the things I did was to migrate the old XML language files to PO files. That alone is a great improvement because now I see the original English string in the translated file. But a few more questions arose:
  • What about the Transifex repository? Should I still (or again) bother submitting my PO file?
  • What about plural handling? Have there been any changes to the API for this?
  • Is there now a better way of referring to translated strings in the code other than xbmcaddon.Addon(str).getLocalizedString(int)?

Especially the last thing has always bothered me a lot. Reading my own code becomes extremely hard when the only thing I see is
What does that mean? What am I displaying to the user here? Is there any way I can get translation strings by their msgid instead of the msgctxt or are there any plans to make that possible in the future? Commenting all calls to getLocalizedString() is not really an option.
the status is pretty much unknown. there's only one team member, with very little spare time, working on transifex.

as far as i know no one is working on plural handling, or any other localization specific code, at the moment.
That's a shame. :-(
May I guess that this is also the reason why the latest Kodi releases still support XML language files?