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Full Version: HDHR - Kodi
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The HDHR has a tv guide app it uses for the local channels.

My question is: will I be able to add channels from Kodi into the HDHR tv guide also?

Thanks for any help.
The HDHomeRun View Add-on (that's the Video add-on, not this PVR add-on) provides its own guide from Silicon Dust. That guide data is only available for the upcoming 2 hours or so, and not readily available

Do you know if the Nextpvr Kodi app will pull HDhomerun channels into Kodi plus kodi live tv?
PseudoTV Live can automatically add hdhomerun channels fyi.

I've been looking into psuedoTV live.

Does anyone know if Kodi is compatible with SchedulesDirect?
That's being implemented into ptvl eventually. You can use that with an xmltv.xml file for ptvl
(2016-01-06, 11:03)bry- Wrote: [ -> ]PseudoTV Live can automatically add hdhomerun channels fyi.

Do you know exactly how this is done please?
Google is your friend. Yes KODI, SCHEDULESDIRECT, TVHEADEND (thru openelec) works flawlessly. Here is a screen shot of my guide :-)