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Full Version: Classement des titres avec l'article un/une
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In Kodi, when a film has a French title begining by « un », « une », it is displayed at the first letter of the second word of the title. Example :

Un chapeau de paille d'Italie

is at C. But this is wrong. It should be at the letter « U », and there is the same problem for all titles begining by «un », « une ».

disable 'ignore articles' in settings:
Thank for your answer. But if I disable this setting, all titles with « le », « la », « les » will be displayed at letter L.
Well you consider it wrong while others thought it was correct. Hence it was added as default ignore.
You could manually alter the language addon and remove those words
Well, this is a rule in French...
Not sure which rule you speak about (I'm french-speaking).
"Le", "la", "un", "une" are all "articles", "défini" or "indéfini".

Whatever rule is applied, it should be the same for all.
If this argument were valid, then we would have to do the same for the articles numéraux, démonstratifs, possessifs... and obviously that is not the case. Here Wikipedia describes the Afnor rule :


And It seems to have a error with German articles (das, die, der) too.
Yep, seems you're right indeed. I didn't know you were supposed to only ignore the "articles définis"...
Furthermore, looks like it's like you describe in english.