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Full Version: Album art on NAS
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Hello to all, i have some questions about the album art on my Android TV with Kodi installed
All my music is stored on a NAS box which i obviously access it on the tv via Kodi. All of the album art options i have disabled because i have insane amount of mp3/flac on the nas and i guess with this option on will be very slow, my music collection is around 3.5 TB and that is in raid 1. My question is can i make it work for the music player/album scraper to collect the album covers from the internet and store them locally on the tv's cache (it has 2GB usable space) and i don't want on the folders on the NAS to be written or modified anything, in any shape or form, i have spent my life organizing and putting together my collection. How can i accomplish this, i'm a bit a noob for kodi, i discovered recently and as far as i can tell i was missing alot Smile
Such a brilliant piece of software
If you can help me in any way thanks and all the best
Your question would probably get more attention in the General Support - Android form. I don't know what kind of NAS you have but you should be able to set the permissions of your shared folders so that Kodi cannot write to those folders but I wouldn't worry about it because I believe Kodi's default behavior is to store downloaded art locally (in the texture cache?). Even if Kodi uses art you have on your NAS already they will still be stored in Kodi's local texture cache.
I have turned on the option to read thumbnails on remote shares and it didn't slow down kodi when accessing the share. Maybe a bit at the first few launches but kodi cached the files on the flash drive on the tv in the thumbnails folder and all is well now Smile i have turned on album and artist fan art and as far as i can see kodi never writes to the nas, it's all stored locally, but i might disable them because it rarely gets any art because of the type of music i listen to. Thanks for the reply