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Full Version: Customize Menu
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actually I cant change the
"Empty <> Not used - click to customize"
menu items in the Amber settings.
Some days befor it works perfectly and i could add an Favourite there.
I restart my RP2 but there is no change.

Any tipps?
I have the same problem, running Kodi with Amber skin on OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 2. I can select one of those empty items, select "(no action)" in the menu that appears and give the entry a new name, and it shows up in the home menu, but I can't figure out how to give that entry an action. A fix for this would be great!
Same problem, new clean default installation ( LE x86 )

EDIT: Until this is sorted and for other people that may be having this problem, a silly solution Tongue

1. Kodi settings > Switch to default skin
2. Browse(*) folder userdata > addon_data > skin.amber , there is a file in there with all skin settings (settings.xml)
3. Open in text editor ( i use Notepad++), scroll down, the CUSTOM MENU entries are there
4. Manually type in whatever you need each menu item to do. Optionally a label you like

Example (just an example, your case may be different):
Quote: <setting id="CustomHome.4.Label" type="string">MY-MENU-ITEM-LABEL-HERE</setting>
<setting id="CustomHome.4.Background" type="string"></setting>
<setting id="CustomHome.4.Path" type="string">ActivateWindow(Videos,"plugin://plugin.video.MY-VIDEO-ADDON-NAME-HERE",return)</setting>
5. Save file, Go to Kodi settings and switch back to Amber skin. You should be able to see now all new entries in main menu

(*) I find it easier to browse userdata folder while Kodi still running, from another PC, via network. But, of course, needs a second PC on the same network... Blush
Oh. Glad it's not just me. I have the same problem on a Minix box running Android 4.4.