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Full Version: Watched status toolbox
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A few tools for managing watched status, play count, and resume points for videos in the library. There are add-on options to disable each section of the add-on.

Install my dev repo repository.rector.stuff to keep updated in Kodi.
Manual install for Kodi 19 Matrix - service.tweak.lastplayed 1.0.0.
Manual install for Kodi 18 Leia and earlier - service.tweak.lastplayed 0.6.4.

Source available on GitHub.

Context menu items

Context menu items added to the "Manage..." menu of media items: "Mark watched again" adds 1 to the play count and updates the last played time, as if you had just watched it again. "Remove one watch count" removes one from the play count and changes the last played time to a time between the current last played and date added. "Clear resume status" removes the resume status of an item, leaving it simply watched or unwatched.

These context items require Kodi 16 Jarvis and above. "Clear resume status" is not available in Matrix as Kodi core includes the same option.

Tweak last played time

This feature changes the last played time for movies and episodes in the library to update only if at least a small portion has actually been played, preventing updates to videos that were accidentally played, skipped over, started then quickly interrupted, and so on, hopefully improving the usefulness of lists and add-ons using this timestamp.

It defaults to updating the last played time after the video has been played for at least 2 minutes, and there is an add-on setting to change that amount of time.

This part is goofy. Add-ons can't stop Kodi from updating the last played time, so this restores the previous time after Kodi updates it, spitting out a second 'VideoLibrary.OnUpdate' notification to other add-ons when it affects a video. It can miss rolling back the rare video due to circumstance or whim.
I've updated the add-on to version 0.5.3, which works around a new Kodi bug introduced in Krypton that caused the add-on to not work when playing a video from the home window. I've added it to my repo or an installable zip can be downloaded directly from service.stinger.notification.
I've updated the add-on to version 0.6.0, which adds context menu items to videos in the library to make additional changes to their watched status and changes the name from "Tweak last played time". It is available in my repo and can be downloaded directly from the latest zip file.
Thanks for this. Nice little extra :-)
Lately I've been having problems with the watched status reversing even though I watched fair amount more than the time specified in the addon settings. I tried changing the time setting, but it didn't help. Is this a problem you recognize?

Using Watched status toolbox 0.6.4 on Kodi 18.9.

And thanks a lot for the addon.
I'm having the same problem
Nothing changed lately - I will need more details to help. Please turn on debug logging, reproduce the issue, and post the resulting debug log.