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Full Version: Transcode live TV via processing commands
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I have trouble with a few TV channels on my Kodi clients (juddery playback, basically) which I've narrowed down to codec issues. The problematic channels are streamed in a different video bitrate.

I figured I would try and "standardise" the stream before it is sent to clients and the only way I can see of doing this would be to run ffmpeg to transcode the live timeshift files to the format I want using a processing command in Argus.

I set up a processing command in the Scheduler Console and set it to run as as soon as the recording starts (live) but it doesn't seem to do anything. If I do a test and try to break the process by using an invalid path to ffmpeg, I get no errors and the un-transcoded stream just plays as normal.

That makes me think the transcode command isn't even trying to run for live tv. Should it be possible to do this or am I expecting too much?