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Full Version: OpenEmu 2 released
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OpenEmu 2 was just released and I'm wondering if we can use any of it's code to help with RetroPlayer? It's all open source. It has controller mapping, and support for all of the cores we're looking at using.

This would be awesome, I'm very interested, hopefully there is some development news soon.
The controller mappings interest me. I'd like to compile a database of controller mappings from all the available sources, including RetroArch, OpenEMU, SDL controller DB, and now Kodi.

OpenEMU is written in Objective C and Swift, so there's not much code that will translate over. However, the code is 3-clause BSD, which might apply to the artwork as well, so that might be something we can use.

There seems to be a lot of duplicated effort in the multi-emulator community. I'm not the diplomatic one, so I don't plan to be the messiah that unifies everyone, but I do have the technical ability to gather data and repackage it for everyone to use. Hopefully when people see the awesomeness of all this effort unified into reusable databases, they'll hop on the bandwagon. And if not, more data for us Smile