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Full Version: [RELEASE] Flix2Kodi - Just another Netflix-Addon
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sorry but i write a lot of email for job and sometime I confuse one each other.

regarding your PM I can't answer you I don't know why but the platform say that I can't

Just Click here:


this is your Private Box, where you have your Private Massages (PM)
yes I just see it

thanks for it

What I was saying is that I can't replay to your message to thank you for the help :-)
the internal dashboard say "You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons"

A part for this thanks for the suggestion I'll try this evening when coming back home

Login page doesn´t work anymore. When I choose "Relogin" o context menu, don´t show my profile selection. just a blank list. Someone has something like this?
same problem here
looks like the api changed again and broke the addon. Hopefully logi can find some time to fix it. If not I can give it a shot tomorrow and provide a workaround.
(2016-04-20, 22:58)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]looks like the api changed again and broke the addon. Hopefully logi can find some time to fix it. If not I can give it a shot tomorrow and provide a workaround.

Thanks for the support!

And I realize the following situation: If i close kodi or restart my machine, I MUST Re-login inside flix2kodi, otherwise I can´t get the lists of series or movies, and this breake the movies/series that I add to library in kodi. I LOVE the feature to add to library, but if I MUST enter in addon and choose Re-login, why return to library to choose a movie/serie if i´m already inside the addon? Huh

I believe the problem is cookies or something like that. I don´t see any problem, if I start kodi and the addon make a automatic login. this way, I can launch my movies/series inside kodi library. This option can be add in addon configuration: "Auto login in Kodi start? On/Off".


i'll check tonight when I'll come home but yesterday there is nothing I can do to login.
I tried to reinstall
to clear cache,cookie and reset.

I tried to re-login in chrome and then enter again in the addon but I always obtain a black list in profile box each time I try to re-login

I had also this login issue. Yesterday plugin worked well (sometimes login crashed etc) but today when I tried to login, there was nothing in "who's watching" box. After fighting with it I uninstalled plugin and tried to install it again. Now it even doesn't want to be installed anymore...
Here´s my list of suggestion that I believe will give a plus in use of Netflix on Kodi:

1. Auto-login in startup of Kodi
(See my previous post about this: Auto-Login
2. In addition of Auto-Login, can be an option like "What profile position ?", and we select "first" "second" and theres goes. So that way, the auto-login is realy "AUTO".
3. The windows app "NetflixRemoteController", has a command that when I press "ESC", the Netflix App for Windows 8.1 and 10 is closed. Flix2Kodi could be a feature like this, press ESC, and the browser is closed returning to Kodi.
4. Scrape Poster and fanart from Fanart.Tv (choose from settings, TMDB or fanart.tv).
Also having the login issue here!
I also have this issue..........
logi85 seems to be absent currently. I will take a look if I can fix the issue tomorrow.
FYI: I have a pending PR to logi85 to add the artwork support to the addon (tmdb+fanart.tv), I saw someone requesting it here.

If I can find the fix tomorrow I'll share the update with you
line 41

profile = {'name': item['firstName'], 'token': item['guid'], 'is_kid': item['experience'] == 'jfk'}

profile = {'name': item['firstName'], 'token': item['guid'], 'is_kid': item['defaultKidsProfile']}

seem to fix login issue. Not sure if this is the correct way to fix it though...
I looked in that folder and profiles.py was not there. It was under resources. I edited that one but it did not work.