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Full Version: [RELEASE] Flix2Kodi - Just another Netflix-Addon
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(2016-11-09, 16:58)lopazopy Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-11-09, 03:30)LupinSansei Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-11-07, 19:02)mzup Wrote: [ -> ]I have it working on my windows system. This is my ini section for chrome:

[Netflix - Google Chrome]

Could you please explain where I would put the text at? I don't know where the ini file would be. Thanks! Smile

You're looking for Irremote.ini. It is in C:\Windows directory.
Hmm I don't see Irremote.ini anywhere. Even did a search for Irremote :/
I decided to give Krypton nightly a shot and Flix2Kodi crashes.

Is there any way to disable Kodi‘s screensaver when playing a video through the add-on? I have set my screensaver to enable after 30 minutes, but when I watch a video which is longer than this I have to dismiss the screensaver when I exit the browser.

This is not a big problem, but a big annoying.
Anyone else get an instant crash in Krypton?
I wonder why... I can't get this add-on to work properly, no matter how many times I tried to set it up on many Kodi builds... It just doesn't want to work.
I got loggin errors, requests to refresh my loggin details, empty profiles selector... It works one time from time to times but then it doesn't want to work anymore...

Is there a guide to set it up properly?

Basically here's what I do:

Download the pluggin within Kodi (I installed the repo from the zip file)
Configure it: Don't touch anything else than loggin details (username + password) and select the browser (Internet Explorer for the highest quality)
Validate and lauch the plugin

But no way to get it working, my latest problem is that I get empty profile selector (Who's watching), while it works perfectly fine on any browser/devices I use (TV box, PS4, Phones...)

Stop work to me today. I think some has changed on netflix, causing the addon not work properly.
(2016-11-22, 22:27)sagrath Wrote: [ -> ]Stop work to me today. I think some has changed on netflix, causing the addon not work properly.

Netflix changing stuff breaking this addon is definitely getting old :/ might as well just use the official appl even though it lacks mce remote which renders its useless. Though there is also this Netflix app remote control but I don't have much luck with it.
same here. login failed each time i try to browse somewhere from the addon. i'm able to set the an user and then addon fails.
atm if i start a video from i shortcut i made in a submenus to my netflix list, when all staff worked ,video are played on my browser but i have to select there wich user i want to use.
My biggest wish is that someone roll-up an add-on for Chrome/Firefox/IE allowing us to browse netflix with keyboard/remote/gamepad, it has already been done for the old Netflix UI, but unfortunately it doesn't work anymore... Pretty sure it's possible but I lack of programing skills...

I use a similar method to browse Youtube with my Xbox One Controller: Using Youtube TV (http://www.youtube.com/tv) with Stylish for Chrome extension (with a skin for Xbox One buttons) and Controller Companion (available on Steam) to map the buttons and it works exactly like Youtube on TV/PS4/Xbox but on my PC, neat !
Also broken here. No activity from logi85?
Mine is broken too. Log's me in fine but then get an error. Help
Unfortunally Logi85 was missing a several months. And think the addon will drop on oblivion. A few months ago, there was a possible solution, a ImputStream.
It seems that with this feature it would be possible to play content with DRM in kodi. But I do not understand any of this. And it seems like no one really made a point of seeing it either.

I realized that the part of listing the sections, login, see content is perfectly ready for Kodi. Only the playback part is that you would need this ImputStream.

A pity an addon so promising, not having support. I'd really like to be able to help, but I'm not a programmer, and I feel bad about it.

Also.. here the link os imputstream

Do we have any working Netflix solution for KODI (I'm using LibreElec - linux)?

I'm really sad flix2kodi is not supported anymore ;(
Unfortunally logi85 din't show a several months.
The only way is wait. sadly