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Full Version: Orginzied folders under Video Add-ons
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HI All,
I see this question is repeating in several forums and sites, and I agree that the benefit of its very large.

I be happy to know , if someone know if it is possible/ Is there already exists such a solution, like an existing add-on program,
That makes it possible to create under the Video add-ons, custom folders, in order to organize and gather all add-ons files to a main folders.
When main goal is that user entered to Video add-ons he will see only folders that he created for example : "Movies" , "Sports" , "Kids" "Series" etc. and under each folder will be organized the add-ons files.

Thank you guys,

Have you tried Super Favourites?

This allows you to create sub-folders into which you can put links to addons, or even links to individual bits of addons.