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Full Version: Greyed out channel not available when recording
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Hi i would like to suggest the following feature.

I have only one usb dvb-dongle and when i record a channel i would like to see greyed out the channel available on other muxes.
This is a little bit hard to explain to my girlfriend that she has to remember which channel are available on which mux.
As there is only one available mux it would be nice to see which channels are available.


I doubt what you want is easily feasible without support in Kodi and support in a skin. However, I do have a workaround that may work:

Since Tvheadend allows you to arbitrarily set channel numbers, you can create you channel numbers to reflect which services are related to which mux. For example, 101–199 would include only services found on a single mux; 201–299 would include all the services from a different mux; and so on.

A different approach—and one that does not require renumbering your channels—is to use tags in Tvheadend to associate services from the same mux: Create a tag for each mux, and assign only the channels that are carried on that mux to that tag. Then, in Kodi you can change your guide to display only channels that are of the same tag as your currently recording program. (I don't use tags with Tvheadend, so I can't comment as to the truth of this option, however I believe that Tvheadend presents its tags as channel groups to Kodi, so it ought to work.)

I know this isn't a full solution, however it ought to approximate what you're looking for with a stop-gap measure.

Thank you for your answer it is quite tricky and might not give me entire satisfaction.

In order to fix this I might get another dongle to be able to have a free adapter and be able to watch other channel.

I had another thought as even with the current solution there should be a bug. If i want to switch channel while i am recording I should be able to do so. I do think that there should be a dialogue box warning me that i am going to stop the current recording if i switch channel and if i say yes it would switch to this channel cancelling my recording.

At the moment if i switch to a channel with a not free adapter it just says no free adapter. Not a lot of people would get that you have to go to the currently recording channel, turn off the recording and change channel again.
The issues with the free tuner and switching channels do appear to be confusing. However, I am not certain I would necessarily call it a bug. In any case, part of the confusion may be from certain PVR options not being available to the add-on.

I know in Jarvis there are quite a few changes to the PVR system, and new dialogs and options are being made available to the add-ons; some issues such as changing channels when recordings are in progress as you described are improved, but to what level I do not know.

(Also, some dialogs may also be skin dependent, so that is something to keep in mind as well. In my experience, not every skin has good PVR support.)